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About Us

Mark’s Stump Grinding was started by Charlotte NC native Mark Holsinger. Mark has been involved in the tree service industry in Charlotte for over 10 years. With his long history in the tree service industry Mark noticed an opportunity in the greater Charlotte area. Mark came to the conclusion that there seemed to be limited number of stump grinding services  available in the Charlotte area. He also noticed that of the services out there a large majority were lacking the necessary licenses, insurance, and a consistent level of quality and professionalism. Mark jumped at the chance to provide Charlotte  NC with a stump grinding service that is focused on ensuring its customers get a high quality and reliable service at every stump removal, and so Mark’s Stump Grinding was born.

Charlotte Stump Grinding - Mark's Stump Grinding

Charlotte Stump Grinding – Mark’s Stump Grinding

Mark is also the owner of Charlottes best local firewood supplier. Mark’s Firewood provides the Charlotte area with the best dried seasoned hardwood firewood you can find! His seasoned firewood is cut to fit in all normal fire places, and because of our unique drying process it lights easy every time you want a fire.

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Charlotte Firewood - Mark's Firewood

Charlotte Firewood – Mark’s Firewood